Oct 02

Saylor/Swain/Vallette Project Update - 10.02.20

Posted on October 2, 2020 at 4:05 PM by Barbara Petrucci

Restoration activities were completed this week starting with placement of sod within the parkway.  Also, the roadway patches were completed and the final road surface course was placed on Friday.  With this pavement restoration finalized, the only major item remaining is the completion of the pumping station.  The pump station work will continue later this year once the pumps and equipment are fabricated and delivered to the site for installation.  At this point, the underground detention systems can handle flood waters but a pump would need to be brought to the site to pump out the water.

SSV 10-2-20 UPDATEa SSV 10-2-20 UPDATEc 

Sep 28

Saylor/Swain/Vallette – Project Update - 09.28.20

Posted on September 28, 2020 at 8:12 AM by Barbara Petrucci

The utility work in front of the four lots has been completed and the restoration of this area has begun.  The concrete work has begun with curbs and sidewalks being poured.  The ground above the StormTrap system has been final graded and the seeding and erosion control blankets have been installed just short of the sidewalks.  The new parkway trees have also been planted, except for in the ones front of the four lots.  It is anticipated that the roadway improvements will continue next week once the curb has had an opportunity to cure.

SSV 9-28-20 UPDATEa          SSV 9-28-20 UPDATEb

Sep 21

Saylor/Swain/Vallette – Project Update - 09.21.20

Posted on September 21, 2020 at 7:50 AM by Barbara Petrucci

A major milestone was achieved this week when the contractor completed the installation of the StormTrap chambers.  The final connection of the 54-inch storm sewer into the StormTrap system will occur next week with the delivery of a special order 54-inch connector pipe. Also next week, the final storm sewer improvements in the parkway and the street along Swain Avenue should be completed.  Once the entire storm sewer infrastructure is installed, the contractor will start to focus on restoration of the area around the StormTrap system.

SSV 9-21-20 UPDATE