Private Development Stormwater Improvements

Nitti Development:  Berteau Campus
The Nitti Development is on the site of the former Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Campus at the northwest corner of Berteau Avenue and Schiller Street. This development includes the construction of  56 new single family residential homes.

Each single family property will have a minimum of 500 cubic feet of underground storage on site, for total minimal storage volume of 28,000 
cubic feet, or 0.64 acre feet of storage. The internal street will be permeable pavers, providing a total of 35,336 cubic feet of storage, or 0.81 acre feet of storage.

York & Hahn Street Development
Morningside Development, as part of the Hahn Street project, recently completed the installation of a StormTrap stormwater detention system that will provide 0.17 acre-feet of stormwater detention. 

Single Family Home Stormwater Improvements
As of October 27, 2015, the City has issued 84 new Single Family Residential Permits in 2015. These permits require new single family homes to provide onsite stormwater storage that promotes infiltration.  A total of 37,020 cubic feet (0.84 acre-feet) of new stormwater storage has been provided this year alone. This averages to approximately 440 cubic feet of stormwater storage per new home.