Home Protection & Maintenance

 If you experience overland flooding:

  • Test sump pump and battery backup.
  • Inspect and clean inlets.
  • Inspect and clean check valve.
  • Inspect and clean yard drains.
  • Make sure downspout extensions are connected and in correct positions. Extend downspouts 5-10 feet away from foundation.
  • Be prepared with sandbags for areas of your yard. Before and during large storm events, materials for sandbags are available in the parking garage of the Public Works garage at 985 S. Riverside Dr., Elmhurst.

If you experience sanitary sewer backup:

If you experience structural flooding (such as seepage):

  • If you are experiencing seepage through the foundation, it is advised to contact a waterproofing or foundation repair contractor to evaluate the conditions and recommend the correct course of action to make repairs.