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Mar 18

Walnut/Myrtle/Evergreen: Construction Update

Posted on March 18, 2016 at 4:47 PM by Amanda Stuber

Work this week included both installation of new 72” storm sewer and new 8” watermain.  The contractor completed all of the 72” pipe installation on Myrtle Avenue this week and also installed the new 10’ diameter storm manhole at Second Street.  Next week the contractor will complete the installation of the new 60” storm sewer on Second Street between Myrtle Avenue and Evergreen Avenue.  Also this week the contractor completed the entire new 8” watermain installation on Evergreen Avenue.  On Friday, the new watermain was flushed and filled in preparation for the required hydrostatic pressure test early next week.  Additionally, next week the contractor plans to chlorinate the new watermain and take required water samplings to ensure that it is safe to put into service.  New water service installation on Evergreen Avenue will begin late next week or early the week of the 28th, pending approval of the water samples.  City crews from the Electrical Department continue to work with the contractor every day to remove and reinstall existing street light infrastructure, as much as possible, to ensure resident safety at night.