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Mar 04

Myrtle Ave Construction Update & Utility Service Interruptions

Posted on March 4, 2016 at 11:49 AM by Amanda Stuber

Work continued this week installing the new 72” storm sewer along Myrtle Avenue between First and Second Street. Early in the week the railroad crossing at Myrtle was closed down for a few days as the storm sewer construction transitioned from off First Street and onto Myrtle Avenue. Over 200 ft. of the 72” was installed on Myrtle Avenue this week which equates to about 1/3 of the length of the block. By the end of next week, the contractor hopes to be approaching Second Street.
Storm Sewer On Myrtle
To date the affected residents have been notified of the construction via hand-delivered memos, the City’s stormwater website, Code Red, Twitter, and Facebook in order to provide information. Additionally, informational signs were installed today throughout the neighborhood.

Construction Sign

Temporary utility service interruptions will be necessary over the course of the next weeks as the contractor installs the large storm sewer on Myrtle Ave. The  west side of Myrtle Ave will experience temporary gas service interruptions and the east side of Myrtle Ave will experience water service interruptions. Staff will distribute notices to individual residents to alert of date and approximate time of interruptions.  Example notices can be found below:

Example Myrtle Ave Gas Service Interruption Notice

Example Myrtle Ave Water Service Interruption Notice

Please keep an eye out for these notices on your front door to ensure that you are up to date!   As always, feel free to contact our onsite resident engineer, Pat Kielty at 847-833-7648 with any questions.

Storm Sewer On Myrtle