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Feb 25

Walnut/Myrtle/Evergreen: Construction Notice #3- Myrtle Ave Road Closure

Posted on February 25, 2016 at 4:56 PM by Amanda Stuber

Road Closure notices were hand delivered today to residents along Myrtle Ave. 

Construction Notice #3- Myrtle Ave Road Closure

Work is tentatively scheduled to begin February 29, 2016 on Myrtle Avenue for the Walnut/Myrtle/Evergreen Stormwater Improvement Project. Barricades and signs will be placed to notify the public that Myrtle Ave. will be closed to thru traffic between First Street and Second Street. While all work is weather dependent, it is anticipated that work the underground storm sewer installation on Myrtle Ave. will be completed by late-March.  Final restoration, including curb and gutter and pavement installation, will take place as soon as weather permits.

Notes regarding this stage of construction on Myrtle Ave. are:

1)    Myrtle Ave. will be closed to thru traffic from First St. to Second St.  North/South traffic will be detoured to Maple Ave.

2)    First Street will remain closed to thru traffic from West Ave. to Myrtle Ave.

3)    There will be NO PARKING allowed on Myrtle Ave.

4)    Myrtle Ave. residents, depending on where construction is taking place and subject to note 6) below, will have access to their driveways from either Second Street or First Street.

5)  When the storm sewer construction is at Myrtle Ave. and First St., the railroad crossing will be closed to traffic for several days.  The Myrtle Ave. railroad crossing is tentatively schedule to be closed from Monday, February 29 until Wednesday, March 2.

6)    As the construction moves north along Myrtle Ave., individual driveways will need to be closed for 1-3 days to accommodate construction.  When your driveway is needed to be closed, the City will ask you to remove any vehicles that you need for the day from your driveway by 6:30AM. If driveway access needs to be closed or restricted overnight for any reason, the City will provide you with two (2) parking permits for overnight parking on adjacent streets.  Before your driveway is closed for any duration of time, the City will notify you 24-48 hours in advance.

7)    Until you are notified of change, refuse and recycling service will be scheduled as normal.

8)    If you have sprinkler systems in the parkway in front of your house, please contact Patrick Kielty (contact information below). To avoid damage to parkway sprinkler systems, the City will request that the location of lawn sprinkler systems be marked by the homeowner with bright-colored paint or flags.  Paint or flags can be supplied, if necessary.

9)    If you live on the east side of Myrtle Ave, the construction will temporarily interrupt the water and sewer service to your house.   Notice will be given to each homeowner affected at least 24 hours before service is interrupted.    Service interruptions will only occur between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm and will last for approximately 2 hours.

10) The schools have been notified of the potential impact to busing routes and bus stops.  If changes to normal procedures are required the individual of schools will notify parents/students of any changes.

11) Nicor will be doing necessary relocation work to underground gas lines ahead of the storm sewer installation.  This work will impact the 2nd and Myrtle intersection for several days and a detour will be set up.

Please be aware of the workers and the construction traffic.  On a daily basis, there will be a significant amount of truck traffic that will haul excavated materials out, haul in stone or sand backfill, and deliver large concrete pipe.  Please take every precaution to stay clear. 

If you have any questions as to how this closure will affect you, please feel free to reach out to Patrick Kielty, Resident Engineer (Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.) at 847-833-7648, or Rob Bielaski (City of Elmhurst) at 630-530-3018.

To stay informed of all road closures, be sure to register for Road Closure Alerts through Notify Me to receive notices via email or text. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation during this historic public benefit project.