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Feb 25

East End Park: Status Update

Posted on February 25, 2016 at 8:50 AM by Amanda Stuber

On January 13, 2016, City Manager Grabowski sent a letter to the Park District regarding the use of the East End Park property. The letter discussed use of the property without compensation for replacement but with plans to allow for the creation of dual use of the land since the open space already holds water during large rain events. The Park District commented in a previous Communications meeting that the area on the western most portion of the park will remain passive open space (per their long range plan).
Since then, at the February 10th Park Board Meeting, the Park District Board made the decision to not allow the use of the park and insisted the City use the property immediately west of the park for stormwater detention.
The City has acquired four homes on the east side of Geneva, adjacent to East End Park, which may be used for stormwater conveyance and/or detention. The City has recently demolished two of the houses at 285 & 289 Geneva Avenue. Prior to demolition, Habitat for Humanity collected items (windows, doors, etc.) from the houses that could be salvaged for reuse or donation.
The City Council will now have to take the Park Board's decision into consideration in how to best provide stormwater relief to the residents in the area.

January 13, 2016- Letter to Park District Regarding Use of Land