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Aug 28

SESMP Phase I Update August 27, 2018

Posted on August 28, 2018 at 2:25 PM by Barbara Petrucci

Southwest Elmhurst Stormwater Mitigation Project-Phase I

The contractor recently finished installing the 48” storm sewer in the centerline of Bryan up to the intersection of Jackson this week. The crew is now replacing a portion of the sanitary sewer between Van Buren and Jackson. There will be one more new 18” storm sewer main to be installed between Van Buren and Jackson to replace the existing sewer that was removed, and the crew will then begin replacing all damaged and lead water service lines that were exposed during sewer installation. In early-to-mid September the roadway restoration on Bryan, Jackson to Harrison, will begin and include curb repairs and roadway restoration.

SESMP Phase I Update 8.27.18A