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Jun 11

Southwest Elmhurst Stormwater Mitigation Project (SESMP)–Phase 1 - 6/11/18

Posted on June 11, 2018 at 3:58 PM by Barbara Petrucci

The City has approved a contract with Swallow Construction Corporation to complete the next major stormwater improvement project.  The City has already completed 9 stormwater projects throughout the City since 2016 which have helped reduce flooding for 232 homes.  This project, along with Phase II, will help another 121 homes specifically in southwest Elmhurst.  This will be the biggest stormwater project the City has undertaken so far.


This project will consist of the construction of relief storm sewers along Jackson Street, Prospect Avenue, Parkside Avenue, Bryan Street, and Harrison Street that will transmit flood waters to a new 17 acre-foot detention basin to be constructed on the City owned property located south of Messiah Lutheran along Butterfield Road.  The detention basin will be 25 feet deep and will utilize a new pump station to slowly drain the stormwater after the end of the storm event.


This project, in conjunction with Phase II, will provide overland flood reduction benefits between 0.6-1.2 feet for approximately 121 homes in the southwest side of Elmhurst.  Mainly houses located along Spring Road (between Butterfield and Jackson) and Jackson Street (between Spring and Bryan) will be benefitted.  88 of the 121 homes will be protected from 100-year overland structural flooding once this project and the Phase II project are completed. 


The project is expected to start in early July and a public open house will be scheduled shortly.  The open house information will be hand delivered to affected residents and information will also be posted on the City’s stormwater website.  Click on link below to view the 100-Year Inundation map.