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Jan 12

Webster Ave Update: Substantial Completion & Project Recap

Posted on January 12, 2016 at 11:43 AM by Amanda Stuber

The Webster Avenue Stormwater Improvement Project has reached substantial completion.  The project has increased the capacity of the detention basin located at the southeast corner of St. Charles Road and Fair Avenue by 2.2 acre-feet.  (The volume of the detention basin is equivalent to filling more than 61 swimming pools that are twenty (20) feet in diameter and five feet tall.)  The work included excavation in excess of 3,000 cubic yards of soil, installation of eight (8) storm sewer structures, installation of more than 750 linear feet of storm sewer (12” – 30” in diameter), tree removal and necessary concrete restoration.  The storm sewer will convey storm water runoff from the intersection of Fair Avenue and Webster Avenue to the detention basin and will drain the detention basin to the existing City storm sewer system.  This project will provide flood reduction benefits to properties in the vicinity of Webster Avenue and Fair Avenue by capturing storm water runoff and temporarily storing the water in the detention basin in-lieu-of the roadway. 

webster update 1 11 2016