Nov 09

Southwest Elmhurst Stormwater Mitigation Project - Phase I - Update 11.09.18

Posted on November 9, 2018 at 2:27 PM by Barbara Petrucci

With all sewer work north of Harrison complete, the contractor completed paving the roadway and associated restoration along Bryan, Jackson, Prospect, and Parkside. At the basin site, the contractor has been excavating for two weeks and will continue at least through the end of November. The next few weeks will also include the delivery and installation of the block retaining walls that will be placed within the basin. In December, once the basin is nearing completion, the contractor will begin connecting the newly installed storm sewer pipes along Bryan Street to the basin in order to make the basin functional.

PHASE I 11.9.18
Oct 09

Southwest Elmhurst Stormwater Mitigation Project-Phase I - Update 10.09.18

Posted on October 9, 2018 at 8:50 AM by Barbara Petrucci

Southwest Elmhurst Stormwater Mitigation Project-Phase I - Update 10.09.18

The underground contractor is currently working on Parkside and Prospect to complete a small amount of sewer work as the sewer work nears completion. The asphalt base course was paved last week along Bryan, and the restoration behind the new curbs will take place over the next week. Once all of the sewer work is complete, the final pavement surface will be installed over Jackson and Bryan at the same time; which is expected to take place over the next couple weeks. The installation of the slurry wall at the basin near Royal York Condominiums was completed last week, and the full scale excavation has begun.
SESMP Phase I Update_2_ 10.9.18

SESMP Phase I Update_1_ 10.9.18

Sep 26

Southwest Elmhurst Stormwater Mitigation Project-Phase I Update 9.26.18

Posted on September 26, 2018 at 9:29 AM by Barbara Petrucci

The contractor completed all underground work along Bryan Street, and the concrete work on the roadway is nearing completion. Bryan Street will have the stone base graded in preparation for asphalt paving which will take place in the next few weeks. The sewer crew is continuing west along Jackson Street, and once complete will do a small amount of sewer work to improve drainage on Parkside Avenue and Prospect Avenue. Work around the detention basin on the City property in between Royal York Condominiums, Messiah Lutheran Church, and Timothy Christian began last week. Tree trimming took place and the installation of an underground slurry wall is currently underway. The slurry wall will limit the amount of ground water that will seep into the basin once excavated. Mass excavation of the basin is expected to begin within 1-3 weeks.

SESMP Phase I Update 9-25-18

SESMP Phase I Update_2_9-25-18