The City of Elmhurst offers a variety of stormwater programs for residents to assist in the stormwater mitigation.

Please contact the Elmhurst Public Works Department at 630-530-3020 for additional information. Some of these programs have a waiting list, so be sure to call early. 
  1. Overhead Sewer Program

    The Overhead Sewer Program was established to provide financial assistance to homeowners who desire to protect their home from flooding during a heavy rain event.

  2. Residential Stormwater Management Incentives

    The City supports residents to proactively manage stormwater on their private property by incorporating sustainable stormwater management practices that reduce the stormwater run off to adjacent properties and the storm sewer.

  3. Storm Sewer Extension Program

    This program was designed to address issues of public safety or that present an immediate flooding concern for a homeowner or neighbor’s structure.

  4. Flood Prone Property Buyout Program

  5. Check Valve Reimbursement Program

    Check Valve Reimbursement Program